Me as a Lion, as Hero


A hero is someone who attempts to change the status quo. He is aware of all the hardships and frustrations. But he finds it impossible to live under current conditions. The inner self that pushes the hero to step into new territories; oppose all adversities and finally create a new world where he can be free and proud.
In Iran a lion is considered to be the symbol of light and kingdom; it’s a symbol of affection and Sun. For centuries the Lion has protected our land under the favorable gaze of Sun, the flag of Persia.
In the past Iranians regarded a lion as a symbol of Manliness and leadership. They used to call their heroes and champions “The Lion Man”.
In the old days astronomers had divided twelve pillars of the skies among seven rotating objects including the Sun and each one or two pillars belonged to one of the objects in the sky and was considered to be the home of that object. The pillar called Asad, the lion, was the home of the Sun. My birth sign is Lion.