The most essential interaction between circle and square in the traditional geometry is mandal (mandala) or cosmography, which is represented in many different ways in various human cultures.In regard to reflection of Cosmo and Cosmo processes, mandala is represented through numbers and geometry. Mandala begins with unity continues with epiphany, and return to unity again.

In different cultures mandalas have specific powers and being located inside them and surrounding by them, protect and support human being. Mandalas seem to be a fundamental way to connect with the Divine. Islamic mandalas beautify mosques and their domes. They are sacred circles of perfect art.

In this piece by deconstructing the structure of Islamic domes and highlighting the main lines, I have tried to point out the mandala structure of Islamic domes and moqarnases (honey combed shapes), and showcase that people by being in these buildings continually are affected by the powers of the mandala